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About Tom Piszczek

Tom Piszczek has worked in the title insurance industry for over 13 years.  He has had the opportunity to work in many different aspects of the industry, giving him extensive knowledge of much of the inner workings of the title industry.  Tom has held positions as Sales Assistant, Marketing Assistant, Escrow Book Keeper, IT Administrator, Sales IT Administrator, and Sales Executive.  Much of Tom's experience has been administering much of the technology that drives the Real Estate Community. In fact, as a Title Rep, Tom's unique niche in the field is his extensive grasp and understanding of technology.  He has the capability to apply it to today‚Äôs real estate market, with effective teaching skills, communicating technical concepts in a non-technical manner that makes it easy to understand. As evidence of this, Tom has been very appropriately nicknamed by his clients, Tom Piece-a-cake!

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